Naughty Marietta (Cail-o-Scope)
Naughty Marietta was very risqué for her day. She can be seen in a Cail-O-Scope at the Musee. The Cail-O-Scope is a coin operated, hand cranked, animated picture machine invented in 1904 by the Caille Brothers. . When you insert a coin and turn the crank a small bulb lights up and a reel of still stereographic photos fall one by one in front of the viewer into which you look. The feature that made this machine so popular is the viewer’s ability to control the speed of the showing and even stop it for a few seconds to get a “closer look”! The most popular machines in every arcade were the “Girlie Shows” like Marietta, which always promised more than they delivered. This photo is a digital scan of the original stereograph used in the machine.
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